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Have you ever had the impulse to help someone, but the moment passed because you contemplate about it too long? Life still continues… But what would have changed if you just acted on that impluse? How would life be different if you had just helped up that kid that fell on the playground, help carried books for a classmate, bought a drink for a  gloomy stranger or say “thank you” to your parents for taking care of you?

Probably nothing would change, you would feel better about yourself for a brief moment. What would have change is the other person’s life. The kid would grow up with a different prospective for life, your classmate would probably help out someone else, the gloomy stranger might not be so gloomy anymore, and your parents would probably walk away confused but joyful.

Just like the path that is travelled once, the same opportunity to show kindess doesn’t come twice. It doesn’t even have to be something big, just smiling at a old lady as you pass by is significant. The little things do make a difference.


Relevance: ***** (Everyone can help someone)
Meaning: *** (Simple and to the point)
Praticality: **** (I can at least say “thank you”)